Floral Zip Skirt
Floral Zip Skirt

Charlotte Ronson combines feminine flirty with edgy hipster to create this masterpiece. For every day or night life, this skirt is perfect for making a statement in every setting. This skirt features seven gold, vertical zippers that zip open from the bottom creating as much flare and flow as you wish. The floral print has a pop art influence. Looks great with a number of Patterson J. Kincaid tops.  $148     

Lace-up Leather

For fall '09, what better piece to add to your wardrobe than a classic leather skirt. The piece has rocker appeal with a conservative silhouette. This particular leather skirt is high waisted and has a corset back. Very flattering on every shape. It will look good with a number of assorted tops. Tights and boots may also be a positive addition to this edgy yet classic look.  $202

AuthorLadybird Fashion