One of the first words that comes to my head when it's fall is... LAYERS. And I don't just mean throwing a comfy sweater on and calling it a day, I mean scarves and more scarves, and hats, and gold accessories. When it comes to the fall season, fashion gets more fun and creative.  One cozy way to keep warm and fashionable here at Ladybird is socks! Yes, we mean high, wool socks that you walk around your house in on a cold day.

We have the perfect socks from With & Wessel to keep you warm!  With a variety of colors such as maroon, black, beige, grey, you get to pick your choice of stripes or solids!

Here are a few fun ways to keep warm, and yet still be that stylish lady you are all season long!

1. Socks with heels

The relationship between socks and your favorite heels can be a perfect match. A heel with either thicker or multiple straps are key when you want to add some socks with them. This is a fun and flirty way to add character to your favorite outfit. You could wear this match by wearing just a simple pair of your favorite jeans or even a fun knee length skirt.
2. Knee high Boots with a hint of sock
There is nothing more cozy then knee high boots and socks poking out at the top. It screams adventure and warmth. This is a perfect way to beat cold weather!
3. Short skirts and long socks
This combo is great. It is comfortable, warm, and overall adorable! The fun thing about this is you can pair it with heels, ankle boots, or even knee boots. Throw on your favorite scarf or hat and a funky blouse... and you've got yourself a fantastic fall outfit.
AuthorLadybird Fashion