Show me your Mumu is an up and coming brand from two young and successful women by the names of Cammy and Cologne. Over the summer of 2009, the two friends were on vacation together and were having a hard time getting their wardrobes together on hot summer days and nights.  They would purchase large tees and stretch them out and tie em up but it never looked the way they visioned it. One night they decided how great it would be to make their own mumus. Large, baggy, and perfectly fitting mumus. The two girls created the brand Show Me Your Mumu. The girls live in Manhatten now designing fun colored and crazy patterend printed Mumus for every girl to enjoy.
Now we are carrying their signature Mumus and tanks here at ladybird this spring! Be prepared for loose tees to pair with your levi shorts and skinnys!
AuthorLadybird Fashion