It's the holidays! And we know a lot of you ladies have lots of traveling to do to visit family, friends, or just a vacation with your lover.  Either way, we know that traveling can be a big hassle especially when it comes to packing.  You need a comfortable bag, you need every necessity, you need it all in order to make your travels not only safe but go smoothly.
That's why here at Ladybird we have great traveling necessities that will help make your travelings better and more fashionable! 
Boulovard Sunday Tote
- This is great for any occasion! School, work, traveling, whatever else! You can really put anything in this bag. It's comfortable, it's stylish, and it screams Mary Poppins of the 2000's. You can even customize this bag but monogramming your initials on the front pouch.
Yosi Samra Flats
- These comfortable and very adorable snake skin flats can fit just about anywhere! They are great because if you are wear them to work you can slip these flexible flats in your purse and switch with a pair of pumps to wear for happy hour with girlfriends! They are great!
Clare Vivier leather wallet
- This leather wallet is a perfect size for your passport and credit cards! It's small, it's simple, and handmade! Makes a great traveling piece or gift to friend or family member.
- Don't forget to bring a good magazine! Pick up the latest issue of Capital Style (Bride Edition).
All of these items can be purchased at Ladybird!
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