Ladybird collaborated with local Ohio denim manufacturer, Zach Myers owner of The Great Zace Myers Overall Company to bring you THE short-alls of the year. Comfortable, stylish, top quality denim, and their patented design caught our eye immediately and became a must have for the shop.  

Our trip to the Myers' farm to check out his denim work started at the beginning of this past summer. As we pulled in, we were met at the top of the long drive in by Zach and his family, girlfriend Jessica and sons Denim and Diesel (yes, this is how much Zach loves denim, he named his first born after it!!). After chatting for a few, we headed to the red barn just down a slight hill and entered Zach's fabulous manufacturing area! Vintage sewing machines, spools of different denim, and overall patterns neatly organized and absolutely filled the barn - it was quite a site to behold.   

On our subsequent adventures out to the Myers' property we brought along our photographer Mara Gruber and snapped some shots of Allison and Sarah in their own pairs of short-alls - maybe you've caught the girls walking around Columbus in the short-alls ?? Check out our Myers' farm adventure pictures below and come in to Ladybird to try on a pair !!