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Ladybird first opened its doors in the Fall of 2008, establishing itself not only as a landmark in the Short North Arts District, but a fashion destination for the women of Columbus, Ohio.

Allison’s keen eye and intuitive approach to buying make Ladybird the unique shop it is today. “Wear what you love” is the adopted mantra at Ladybird, and this line echoes throughout each hand-selected garment and every genuine interaction she and her team of birdies have with their beloved clients. Though our style does not dictate the woman we are, it adds to the mix of the woman we wish to be. When we wear something selected and worn with love, we show up to our lives with more grace, more beauty, and more confidence.

When Allison is not at yoga, golfing, or walking her dog Hank, she remains a steadfast presence at Ladybird. Swoop in and come find something you love.